Best Natural Face And Body Scrubs…What’s the Difference and Which One Should You Choose?

Best Natural Face And Body Scrubs…What’s the Difference and Which One Should You Choose?

While manual exfoliation is one of the best ways to maintain healthy skin from head to toe, it can be rather confusing on which are the best natural face and body scrubs and why. There are so many choices!  In this, I will discuss the two most popular choices, salt, and sugar scrubs.

If you’re like most people, you pick whatever you see first or whatever is the cheapest that looks like it will do what you’re hoping for.  Few people stop to wonder about the pros and cons of each. So, let’s get into it!

Unrefined sugar contains calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium, which will feed and replenish skin, however, it is more abrasive than table sugar and is typically preferred for body scrubs. Table sugar scrubs are great because they’re less abrasive on your skin and are preferred for a face scrub.

One huge advantage of sugar scrubs is that they’re great for sensitive skin. If you have an open wound, a sunburn, or just shaved, it won’t burn as a salt scrub will.

The drawback of a sugar scrub is that it’s really only good as a manual exfoliant due to it physically removing dead skin cells.  That’s really the only purpose sugar scrubs serve.

Salt scrubs, on the other hand, manually exfoliate and have great detoxifying benefits.  Salt scrubs work the same way sugar scrubs do.  They slough off the dead skin and leave a new, beautiful, glowing layer of skin. They have the added bonus of helping pull toxins from our bodies and ease inflammation, however.  Salt scrubs are amazing for dryer areas of the body such as the hands, feet, elbows, and legs.

The drawback of a salt scrub is it can be irritating for delicate or sensitive skin.

I prefer a little half and half scrub myself. I have some spots of sensitivity, combination skin, and issues with oil and dryness in different spots. If you’re in this boat, I recommend any of Natural Zen’s scrubs since they’re all customizable and you have the option to do a 50/50. This is the place to go for those.

Ultimately, when it comes down to choosing between a salt or sugar scrub, it’s all about you and your unique wants and needs. If you want or need, a gentle exfoliation, go with a sugar scrub. However, if you wish to add detoxifying benefits, a salt scrub is your go-to.

If you still aren’t sure, email us! We will help you figure out what will work for you together!

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Until next time, keep it Zen!

~ Kristen

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I have been using organic and natural products since my teenage years, but I've never seen such a huge range of it in one place. Not only are there a ton of options to customize things, but everything they sell is highly organic and natural. Totally recommended.

Dana Kelley

Ordered some bath bombs, tinctures, and spa baskets for my mother and me and was very pleased with the quick shipping time, great communication from operator's side, and cute packaging when the products arrived! I'll definitely order from them again!

Isabel Arnold

I love this website. It has a great selection of organic products for women and MEN of all ages, innovative and trendy. I will be a returning customer FOREVER! Especially since the owner makes it comfortable to email and ask questions! I was able to make sure I wa3s getting the right product for my skin. Also, I love the blog! Thank you again!

Sarah Jefferson