Organic Bath Bombs & Shower Steamers

Organic Bath Bombs & Shower Steamers

Our bath bombs are a perfect addition to your bathtime routine. They offer a rich foam to your bath while remaining all-natural and bringing you similar benefits as our bath salts and bath teas, but in a different delivery method.

Baths not your thing, but you still want all the smell good relaxing benefits? Shower steamers will be your go-to! We do all of our bath bomb scents in a shower steamer so everyone is sure to get something they truly love!

Benefits of using our organic bath bombs and shower steamers:
Detoxify your skin
Improve circulation
Enhance natural healing processes
Enhance relaxation
Get an inexpensive spa experience
Add a little foamy bubble to your bath
Balance skin oils
Ease muscular pain and joint stiffness
Soothe irritated skin and skin conditions
Ease cold and flu symptoms

vegan and ALL cruelty free

*Always remember we make everything to order so, if you don’t like one of the oils used, let us know and we can omit or substitute it for you. Allergic to something? Let us know. We can figure it out together so you get a product you love!

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