I Love You A-Latte

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You might rely on your morning cup of coffee to boost your energy and metabolism daily, like the majority of the world. While coffee is most widely used as a beverage, it is also an alternative remedy for the skin. Thanks to its antioxidants, coffee helps fight free radicals that can lead to skin damage.

Skin benefits from coffee are primarily obtained topically. This involves making a mask, soap, scrub, or paste from fresh coffee grounds and applying them to your skin directly.

We’ve created a soap that will give you a nice little wake-up call with a strong coffee smell while moisturizing, balancing, and a little calming with a slight hint of vanilla, all in one. 

*denotes non-vegan options

  • Recommendations- For this scent, we recommend the coconut milk base for a vegan option or a goat milk base if vegan isn’t your thing.
  • Glycerin base is recommended if allergies are typically an issue. Be sure to add a soap saver in your order if you choose this option. Glycerin soaps will dissolve faster than other soap base options.



  • Cellulite reduction
  • Calming effect from antioxidants
  • Anti-aging
  • Vitamin B-3 helps fight skin cancer
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Treats acne
  • Reduces dark circles
  • Used for post-sunburn care


Additional information


Glycerin, Goat Milk*, Coconut Milk, Honey*, Charcoal, African Black

Exfoliants and Additions

Oatmeal, Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, Rose Clay, Lavender Buds, Chamomile Buds, Sea Salt, Honey*, Sweet Almond Oil, Rosehip Oil

1 review for I Love You A-Latte

  1. Trinity Oakes (verified owner)

    To start off, I was skeptical on getting bar soap to use in the shower because they generally leave you feeling like you have a film coating. This soap, made me think again. I’m so glad that I got this, because it not only smells divine, it exfoliates and moisturizes! This soap will leave your skin feeling and smelling like a dream!

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